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Conference Breakout Exercises

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Twenty Minute Exercises

The Rubic Cube
Objective: using the 27 coloured blocks, to build a 3x3x3 cube.
Constraints: each outside face must be one solid colour (as in a completed Rubic Cube), each internal face must also have matching colours (ie. a yellow block face must lie next to another yellow block face). Our hardest exercise, this is almost (but not quite!) impossible.

Spider's Web
Objective: To get all the team members though the web without touching it.
Constraints: Once a segment is used, it cannot be used by another team member. If touched, the team member going through must come back and the segment cannot be used again.

Weighing of the Hearts
Objective: To balance the 8 bags on the large wooden scales.
Constraints: After the initial planning period the team members must control one bag each and can only move this particular bag. On letting go of all the bags the wooden arm must stay at the horizontal.

The Swamp
Objective: The team must traverse the swamp by means of 'stepping stones', which are strategically placed within the 'swamp'.
Constraints: only the equipment provided (3 planks of wood of inconvenient length!) may be used, the stones may not be moved, you may not jump from stone to stone, the planks must be properly supported on the stones before the instructor will allow the team to walk on them.

Architect and Builder
Objective: The teams have to rebuild the structure made out of different coloured bricks.
Constraints: the teams are separated over a distance and can only whisper instructions from the Architect, who has the picture, to the builder who has to complete the structure.

Laser Quest
Objective: To get all the team members from one side of the "darkened room" to the other without breaking the laser beams.
Constraints: In order to simulate being in the dark the person entering the room wears a blindfold and the other team members talk the person through the lasers that are bungee ropes stretched within a box metal framework. The team will see the "room" beforehand and decide on the best route. The teams have 4 lives!

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